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ANPR System

Product Details:

ANPR is an Automatic image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates. This technology is used in various security and traffic applications.

The technological design assumes that all vehicles already have the identity in the form of license plate so no additional transmitter or responder is required to be installed on the car.

The system uses illumination high resolution camera to take the image of the front or rear of the vehicle, then image-processing software analyzes the images and extracts the plate information into OCR. format. This data is used for enforcement, data collection, can be used to open a gate if the car is authorized or keep a time record on the entry or exit for automatic payment calculations.

The LPR system significant advantage is that the system can keep an image record of the vehicle which is useful in order to fight crime and fraud (“an image is worth a thousand words”). An additional camera can focus on the driver face and save the image for security reasons. A welcome display (which includes the vehicle number and driver name) is displayed in the large outdoor display in the back of the car.

• Multiple vehicles per user
• Count number of vehicles
• Customized report generation
• Interface with IP camera/DVR
• Vehicle detection 24X7 in real time
• Number Plate Recognition (NPR)
• Record entry/exit time and date
• Detect number plate of vehicle in motion
• Real time verification of incoming vehicle
• Real time alert for unauthorized vehicles
• Maintain database of captured images
• Maintain database of ANPR_SIM reports
• Import / export of vehicle data in Access or Excel file format
• Parking lot management to control vehicle access, maximum stay time allowed and number of vehicles allowed

Camera(s) – that take the images of the car license plate (front or rear side)

Illumination – a controlled light that can bright up the plate, and allow day and night capturing and act as reflection trimmer.

Frame grabber – an interface board between the camera and the PC, allows the software to read the image information

Computer – System with Windows or Linux. It runs the LPR application which controls the system, reads the images, analyzes and identifies the plate, and interfaces with other applications and systems.

Software – the application and the recognition package with filter and report module in multiple formats.

Hardware – various input/output boards used to interface the external security devices.

Database – the events are recorded on a local database or transmitted over the network.

UVSS System

Product Details:

UVSS Systems – Area Scan: This scanner (UV-500F) uses the three dimensional (3D) area scan technology which provides crisp and clear composite images from both left and right views using high end scanning cameras mounted on a stainless steel assembly to capture a high resolution composite image of the complete underside of any moving vehicle.


• System ( UV-500F) automatically starts at the arrival of a vehicle and stops after the vehicle leaves the systems.

• Scans the underbelly of all vehicles entering the Premises(100%Accuracy)

• Captures the License plate data of the vehicle and Tag it with the under chassis Image

• Captures the face of the driver of the vehicle

• Angle of view is 180°

• Detects any foreign object attached to the under belly of the vehicle and gives an Audio/Visual
alarm, highlighting the area where the ‘Foreign Object’ is detected

• Supports speed up to 45 KMPH -Can be increased to 75 KMPH

• All weather proof IP68 Protection

• Load capacity up to 40 Ton

• Display Output Time – Less than a second

• Sensor type – CMOS progressive scan

• Under vehicle camera frame rate – 500 FPS

• Weatherproof LED bar Light

UVSS System – Line Scan: Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is designed to enhance scanning capability by aiding users in scrutinizing the undercarriages of all types of vehicles in seconds.

•  Lowest cost and highest flexibility

•  Above-surface camera/lighting mounting: no major construction required

•  System can be integrated with optional features as a comprehensive security system

•  waterproof camera and lights ANPR (automatic License plate recognition) driver image camera compatible

•  It shall be designed to simulate a human eye for depth of viewing as if the person is underneath a vehicle inspection.

•  It shall be designed to identify objects from all category of vehicles irrespective of length or height to the undercarriage

The heavy-duty, galvanized steel robust metal ramp with built-in hi-resolution waterproof analogue based cameras and long life LED arrays as the light source.  The unit can take vehicle weight of at least 50 tonnes and can be quickly deployed for portable usage.

•  The UVSS camera shall provide full-color images

•  The UVSS shall be based on a speed-bump design

•  The UVSS shall have a weight capacity of 50 tons

•  Integrated Led/camera modules ramp can be expanded

UVSS Software Kit
Upon activation, the cameras automatically transmit the video signals to the computerized Receiving Station for real time inspection and recording. The Receiving Station consists of a computer processor system which is configured with the LINE SCAN Unit software and graphical user interface.

The undercarriage image in video format is automatically recorded and displayed on the LCD monitors with date and time signatures.

Licence Plate Recognition System which can be integrated to provide comprehensive vehicle inspection.

•  The UVSS shall provide real-time video for viewing the undercarriage of vehicle

•  History records of the same vehicle cab be displayed together with the current entry image for comparison

•  Various control level: brightness, contrast, and zoom function for quick analysis or scrutinized inspection

•  Security feature with different access level, database access, database back and retrieval